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Haydi Roket


October 20th to November 10th 2014

Working under the pseudonym Haydiroket, Mert Keskin is one of Tumblrís resident GIF editors. Since being exposed to the Atari game system at the age of 5, Keskin has been drawn to the digital world much like empty stomachs are drawn to the delicious lure of pizza, and was part of some Demoscene groups in the 90s before having his talents tapped by the likes of MTV and Tumblr. 


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Dafna Ganani


August 21th to September 12th 2014

Graduated in 2007 with a PhD from Visual Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Dafna Ganani make video art and interactive flash movies dealing w/fantasy and escapism, sexual politics and a critique of being subject to nation state.

She use game development techniques to create interactive visual/digital objects, to render visual desire and pleasure as a methods of narrative progression, in efforts to reproduce and renew gendered visual convention/s.

works by Dafna Ganani :


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Anne Horel


March 17th to April 17th 2014

Anne Horel is a protean french artist born in 1984.

Collage artist, maker of GIFs and videos, singer and performer who works primarily on the Internet and especially social networks. Compulsive consumer of all types of audio and visual stimuli, “Collage-with-a-large C” is her preferred mode of expression.

Weaned on television, video games, Internet (and its precursor, the French counterpart Minitel), Horel is marked with the seal of channel-surfing culture, symptomatic of the generation that came of age in the apocalyptic wake of the Y2K bug scare.

A graduate with honors of the National Superior Art School of Paris Cergy, she was also selected for the Salon de Montrouge in 2011 (

She does segments on a French TV show about Web 2.0 culture (cf L’Œil de Links

She also has a radio show on an underground web-based station in Paris : Radiomarais