Thomas Cheneseau

Beyond Facebook’s Linearity in Time & Space by THOMAS CHENESEAU

January 7th to February 7th 2014

« Thomas Cheneseau is a French artistic researcher with a passion for abstraction. He considers social media as both his found object and his blank canvas. His works on Facebook are an initiative that consists solely of art that he created through his page. Videos, images and code already existing on Facebook, as well as screenshots taken from timelines, are transformed into collages and entirely new imagery. The visual material is then reloaded to Facebook, directly into a new space created for it. Existing restraints in the interface, such as size and functions, are defied by the artist in order to augment the visual aspect of his art. Ultimately, the goal is to creatively counter the linearity of Facebook’s timeline in both time and space. » (Artistic Responses to Social Media // Unlike Us #2 – Institute of Network Cultures // 2012)


Beyond Facebook’s Linearity in Time & Space is an original visual performance which examines the limits of the social network interface it is displayed upon and deconstructs the temporal space of the website. Facebook is diverted and used both as media and medium, for dissemination and exposure, and a new space of creation and existence of artworks. This artistic research consists of a series of Screenshots (pictures and videos), Scrolling timelines, and Grids of multiple pictures. Plastic material such as Facebook’s codes and a series of progressive visual feedbacks are appropriated. All these make breaking down the timeline imposed by Facebook possible.


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