Clift N. Anthony


February 14th to March 14th 2014

Bored Lord is an electronic music producer and digital visual artist and animator. His aural landscapes traverse patchworks of samples and synthesis that range from uptempo polyrhythmic juke or jungle flips to slower low-key lo-fi synth-laden r&b efforts. His visual art takes form of both stills and moving images. He works within 3D realms of modified objects that remain static or transform through motion. His visual output showcases the human form in a digital reality in environments that are both inviting and alienating.


An aesthetic from a distant object pulsing 1’s and 0’s through space into your news feed / / / Emoticons reading as hieroglyphs breaking down modern melancholy into its most basic forms / / / 3D forms juxtaposed against truncated beats mixing the raw nature of a unique individual with the collective composite of the digital persona.


Netartnet  – Thump.VICE


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