Od Niwr

New Non-works by OD NIWR

May 1 – 30, 2015


I studied art and architecture at UC Berkeley. My art professors included John Haley, Karl Kasten and Erle Loran – all former students of Hans Hofmann, the painter who brought abstract expressionism to America from Germany. What I learned from them was not a style but an attitude toward art as process. Form evolves endlessly from within outward. In early experiments, I cut up drawings or photographs and wove the strips into new images. Computer graphic programs make the process of image transformation faster, and introduce new elements of randomness.


A computer is now my studio, pixels are my pigments. Everything can become anything within the limits of the tools. I tend to prefer simple tools that are easy to learn but difficult to master. Actually, I have no method for this… I just play with things until something I like happens – so, my works are non-works.




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