Erica Lapadat-Janzen


November 2nd to December 21th 2012

« The internet is made of women. Media of women is used for selling commercial products, entertainment, masturbation, etc. Female beauty and sexual attractiveness are on the forefront of technological progress. Online debates are waged over who the most perfect female is, what size her breasts are, what colour of hair is more attractive. The lines between Realdolls and women that look like dolls are blurred in the online space. These images are often maticulously groomed in photoshop; editing illusions used to exagerate the current trends in fantasy. »

To glitch is to interup. To glitch is to deconstruct.

« In the series GLIMBO (Glitch + Bimbo), the perfect images are damaged. They are aware of their digital status and the glitch is intentional. The gaze is disrupted and shuffled. The images now serve a different purpose. »

Erica Lapadat-Janzen




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