Georges Jacotey

UNTITLED / The Gimbutas Paradox by GEORGES JACOTEY

August 1st to September 1st 2013

Creations in digital media really have no original against which copies can be compared.[1]

The Untitled (The Many Lives of a Digital Painting) exhibition is mainly a contemplation on the multiplicity and responsiveness of digital painting. For the course of his first solo exhibition, Georges Jacotey attempts a single digital painting but additionally shares his everyday progress by uploading copies of the unfinished work. These exported jpegs are presented both as aspects of the same artwork and as autonomous artworks. Inspired by Timothy Binkley’s The Vitality of Digital Creation, Untitled, comprised simultaneously by one and many works, attempts to challenge our perception of originality and impart ‘realness’ to digital representation.

Since the information is virtual, it is infinitely malleable; and since it is computable, it is tirelessly responsive.[2]

While the ‘final’ painting takes form various titles might emerge altering the exhibition’s title as well. At the end the artist’s psd file will be available for anyone to download, modify, create and share new versions/new work.

[1,2] Timothy Binkley, The Vitality of Digital Creation, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 55, No. 2, Perspectives on the Arts and Technology. Spring, 1997, p. 107-116.

Download the artist’s psd file here.
The psd file contains all the process and eventually discarded layers. You can work on it and recreate the painting in any form. Claim authorship and send me your version at






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