Erik H Rzepka


October 13th to November 10th 2013

Science for the people. information you need to know. things are happening, you need reliable sources to tell you what those things are about. the internet enables us to share, to inform. am i an artist, a scientist, a blogger, a spammer? it doesn’t matter. what matters is what you know. what you share. knowledge is communal – no one has created it, and no one will destroy it. we need to know. tell us. we need to disseminate what is happening in the world. is committed to this task. we make information digestible and almost irrelevant. we create products that confuse and enlighten at exactly the same time. we don’t believe in mysticism, we believe in hard science – in facts. we believe in art, the hardest of sciences, and its power to clarify anything into arbitrarity. we believe in reality, and no that does not mean away from keyboard. it means i’m here, i’m sharing, and i believe in your potential to mess this up. i believe in your ability to tell me what i need to know, at a time when i don’t need to know it. in your ability to relay information about something that no one is affected by. erik rzepka is just a messenger, a vehicle. there is no message here, just a corporation embodied by you. just a network of information that wants you to know what it wants you to know. just science for the people.

Erick H Rzepka




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